Things that make Bollywood movies iconic

   October 16 2014

Presenting (in no particular order) - The things that made all the difference. Things that made a movie/actor a cult. When you see it, the batti in your mind ignites. 

PS: The following post contains highly debatable facts and trivia which are meant to be for LOLing, ROFLing and LMAOing only. Please do not mind.

The brown shawl


The iconic shawl changed the way people perceived winter wear. Uncles around the globe stopped using brown shawls fearing to be mistaken as Thakur.



What started as a funny joke by Amar & Prem turned into a revolution. People to this day quote “Mark idhar hai” to prove their identity. The effect of the MARK was so BIG we decided to make a t-shirt to #showOurRespect.



That instrument SRK plays in DDLJ to pataao Simran. The sales of Mandolin around the world sky-rocketed post DDLJ. Anyone seen with a guitar surely gets a request to play ‘Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam’ even today…

The Curls


It wasn’t just his awesome wardrobe that made Mogambo one of the most fashionable villains, his curls contributed equally. Hair stylists around the globe still struggle to get those perfectly.



This one is probably the Baap of all things. A true SUPERSTAR. It puts the drama in every movie and melodrama in every Maa. From Nirupa Roy to Aishwarya Rai, everyone needs it to bring out that extra tear drop.

The non existing shirt


Well this one is a bit tricky, because the absence of it made the star ultra famous. One of the many things that Salman is most known for is ditching his shirts. 

Ratan ki cycle


This was the movie that brought racer bicycles to India. Before Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, bicycles were primarily used by the doodhwala bhaiyyas, but after we witnessed a pajama chaap from Model College take on Rajput boys, riding a bike was uber cool.

The colorful clothing line


The bright colored pants and the bold (floral) printed shirts made Govinda an ICON. Anyone who dares to wear a similar clothing line gets showered with tons of compliments, comments and second looks.