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About us

Inspired from our very own Bollywood movies, with wacky designs and quirky twists to the cliches, Bollytude t-shirts make a fashion statement no matter where you wear them!


Bollytude happened, when three huge movies buffs got together, and decided to put together what they love the most, Bollywood movies, humor and fashion. You might see glimpses of Bollywood in a few brands today, but its quite an uncharted territory when it comes to having a whole brand dedicated to hindi films. Bollytude aspires to be that brand, to own that territory, to be the brand the youth associate with. The idea here is to take our favorite movies, the over abused cliches and plots, signature moves and give them a fresh new perspective, a new ATTITUDE! We aren't trying to just quote movies on a shirt, we are making a fashion statement, a bold one! You’ll love to wear these twisted, funny yet smart shirts. Say NO to piracy and say YES to Bollytude.